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Sole Serum Bottle


Product Description

THE PAINKILLER FOR KILLER HEELS! Through a mixture of natural ingredients and the relieving power of lidocaine, Sole Serum targets your daily foot pain and provides instant relief for up to two hours per use. This bottle was designed specifically to fit in a clutch/small purse so you can easily relieve pain all throughout your day. MEET TRICIA, OUR FABULOUS FOUNDER! You know that expression, opportunity knocks? Well, the truth in my case is opportunity throbs. And pinches. And says, “HEY! Smarty pants! This pain in your feet? This is OPPORTUNITY.” I was the  working-woman you’d see, walking back to her hotel room, heels in hand, slight limp, cursing the foot pain that went with wearing my “work boots.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my heels. I collect them like it’s a contest and the girl who can’t even close her closet door… wins! ANYWAY. This is what got my wheels (and heels) churning. Inspired by other female entrepreneurs and encouraged by a team of experts, I bring you Sole Serum. It’s simply the world’s first luxury serum designed to target and relieve foot pain associated with wearing incredibly cute shoes because you my friend, are awesome. And have great taste in shoes. And now, great taste in a foot pain relief product. “You’re right Tricia, I am awesome. So how does it work?” Thanks for asking, dear reader of my website. It goes like this: we blend the pain-relieving power of lidocaine with natural, safe, and soothing ingredients to create an alchemy unmatched in the world of topical healthcare, that’s how it works™. Specifically, our proprietary blend blocks the foot’s pain signals and helps to reduce inflammation, but that’s getting really technical. While we’re on the topic of how it works, the proof is in the posture, as they say. Since its launch, Sole Serum has been featured in publications like: Vogue: Paris, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Health, Self, Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Brides, Real Simple, The Knot, Star and US Weekly. FORBES named Sole Serum one of 2014’s most innovative health and beauty products. - Featured in Septmeber 2017 Box

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