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Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillow


Product Description

This pretty eye pillow features my watercolor design on top, it is filled with flaxseed and lavender to bring you relaxation, rejuvenation and spa-like enjoyment! Lavender is known to reduce stress, as well as comfort from allergies, aromatherapy and this one will look pretty waiting for the next use! Pillow can be heated or chilled! To Freeze: put in plastic bag and put in freezer 30 min to hour. To Heat: Microwave for about 30 seconds (depending on microwave).... check in intervals of about 10 seconds - DO NOT OVERHEAT! Lavender will last for years... knead the sachet periodically to refresh scent. The size is 4.5 x 9, top side has pretty watercolor design done by me, back side is premium cotton in coordinating print and you will get a coordinating card for gifting! Ladies love pampering... treat yourself or someone else to the relaxing and comforting enjoyment of an eye pillow! - Featured in May 2017 Box

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