Covet Crates Favorite Stylish Office Supplies
  • Jennifer, CEO Covet Crate

Covet Crates Favorite Stylish Office Supplies

We come across so many different kinds of office accessories. Sometimes they are too pretty to use and they adorn our desk to add a pop of color or accessorize. We are rounding up our favorites to share with you.

1. Inspirational Pen Set by Women-Owned & Founded Company Sweet Water Decor

About Sweet Water Decor Sweet Water Decor is a motivational + inspirational brand that started in my basement back one snowy night, in December 2014.  From our humble beginnings, to now serving over 100K customers and being in over 2,000 boutiques / shops around the world as well as national stores, our goal continues to be to motivate and inspire our customers to live their dreams!

2. Ubrands Rose Gold Desk Accessories Set Ubrands

About Ubrands U Brands is a California based company obsessed with bringing design, innovation, and productivity together. We know that people don’t just work from the office anymore, sometimes its the kitchen table or even that coffee shop with the really good lattes, and we need tools that will help keep us inspired anywhere our work takes us. We are driven to creating those tools, making useful products that are versatile and elegant.

2. Panda Planner

About Panda Planner Founded by Michael Leip he dealt with lime disease and a traumatic brain injury. Finally fed up with his condition, and determined to get back on track, he started looking for a system that could help address the mental ailments. As well as the day-to-day needs he had as a self-employed entrepreneur (productivity). Panda planner was born.

2. Kate Spade Folio

Perfect to hold your documents in sophisticated style, when attending meetings in or outside of the office.

These also make great holders for resumes when attending interviews or meeting with clients. Stay organized and prepared.

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